Protecting the public purse

New Commissioners appointed to the Board

I am delighted to confirm that the Department for Communities and Local Government has appointed four new Commissioners to the Audit Commission’s Board:

  • Councillor Adrian Collett
  • Nicola Scrivings
  • Andrea Sutcliffe
  • Ruth Thompson

We very much look forward to working with them, and to welcoming them to our next Board meeting, in March.

They join the existing members of the Board:

  • Councillor Robert Anderson
  • Janet Baker
  • Brian Landers
  • Councillor Robert Light
  • Bharat Shah (Deputy Chairman)

All Commissioner appointments are expected to continue until the Commission’s closure.

We extend our thanks to the out-going commissioners, Dr Jennifer Dixon; Tony Harris and Councillor Sir David Williams, and thank them for their commitment, enthusiasm and contribution to the work of the Audit Commission.

Jeremy Newman
Chairman, Audit Commission