Protecting the public purse

Future of local audit

In August 2010, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced plans to put in place new arrangements for auditing England’s local public bodies.

Draft Local Audit Bill

In July 2012 DCLG published a Draft Local Audit Bill for pre-legislative scrutiny. It sets out the proposed new audit framework for local public bodies which are currently covered by the Audit Commission regime.

On 30 August 2012 the Audit Commission submitted its formal response to the consultation questions in the government’s Command Paper on the Draft Local Audit Bill.

In September 2012 the House of Commons appointed an ad hoc Committee to conduct pre-legislative scrutiny of the Draft Local Audit Bill. In October 2012 the Commission submitted written evidence and its Controller of Audit appeared at an oral evidence session. The committee is due to publicly report its findings early in 2013.

What else has happened?

In March 2011, DCLG issued a consultation document on the ‘Future of local public audit’, which the Commission responded to setting out its own views. In January 2012 DCLG published the government’s response to the consultation.

In November 2010 the Communities and Local Government Select Committee announced an inquiry into the ‘Audit and inspection of local authorities’. The Commission submitted written evidence to the inquiry and in March 2011 our Chairman and Chief Executive gave oral evidence to the Committee. In July 2011 the Select Committee published its report on the inquiry.