Protecting the public purse

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The Audit Commission’s legacy includes a further 25 per cent reduction in annual audit fees

The Audit Commission anticipates a further reduction of up to 25 per cent for annual audit fees paid by all local public bodies starting from 2015/16. This is the result of a successful retendering of 30 per cent of the Commission’s principal audits, having outsourced the work of its in-house Audit Practice in 2012, covering the other 70 per cent of the Commission’s audit regime.

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2014/15 work programme and scales of fees confirmed

The 2014/15 work programme and scales of fees are now available, alongside the lists of fees for individual bodies. A summary of the responses to our consultation on the work programme and fees is also available.

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Not to be rubbished, £464 million: the potential savings by the highest spending councils

‘Local authority waste management: Using data from the Value for Money (VFM) Profiles’, shows that spending on, and levels of, waste managed by councils have reduced nationally since 2009/10. Up to a possible £464 million could be saved overall, if councils spending the most brought down their spending to the average for their authority type and waste responsibilities, says the Audit Commission, having identified wide variation across authorities.

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Commission gives back £8 million to audited bodies

The Audit Commission has agreed an immediate rebate of £8 million to be distributed across local audit bodies.


DCLG opts for the Local Government Association to manage the Audit Commission’s £85 million audit contracts when it closes

After the Audit Commission closes at the end of March 2015, contracts for audit services will be managed by an independent, private company to be created by the Local Government Association (LGA).

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